Made in the USA

Made in the USA

Product descriptions by vendor

We have assembled many product types from multiple vendors to create a collection of goods Made in America.

Airflyte's American Solid Walnut is used to make these plaques, gavels and trophy bases. Domestically manufactured metal is used to make the figure tops for Airflyte's trophies as well as the plaque plates on both Airflyte and the Custom Plaques that are assembled at our shop. So are the compressed colored plaque boards from JDS Industries that are used to construct Custom Plaques. The acrylics and glass from Victory are also American-made. 

"The Price of Patriotism" article

We were interviewed for this collection in Recognition Review's July 2015 issue. Our segment represents the retailer who offers American-made award goods, then the article traces award products back to distributors, manufacturers and equipment manufacturers. Click on the cover to read the feature article "The Price of Patriotism." 

Recognition Review July 2015 Cover