Award Text and Phrasing Examples

Below are examples of plaque text layouts that feature an assortment of font types and designs that are available for laser engraving many types of awards, such as plaques, acrylics, glass, and crystal awards. Feel free to visit those collections too.

The wording below help you choose what you'd like your award to read and if you see some fonts that you like on other examples, those can be incorporated into your design too. Click on any layout or heading to see larger versions of those examples. 


 Achievement2 Achievement3 Achievement4 Achievement5 Achievement Text 6 Acheivement Award, Flame_Series__acrylic_with_rosewood_stained_piano_finish_base_with_gold_metal_accents Achievement Award, AcrylaStone-Indoor-Outdoor-Plaque-Carmel Achievement Award, Cherry-Finish-Plaque-with-Gold-Aluminum-Plate Achievement Award, Elite_Series__polished_acrylic_award_on_acrylic_base Achievement Award, LLC101 Achievement Award, Rosewood-High-Gloss-Stained-Book-Award-with-Black-Plates Achievement Award, Rosewood-Stained-Piano-Finish-Plaque-with-Diamond-Florentine-Border Achievement Award, Solid-American-Walnut-Plaque-with-Eagle-and-American-Flag-Casting  Achievement Award, Star_Goldtone_Casting_on_Rosewood_Stained_Piano_Finish_Base

Appreciation and Service 

Service1 Service3 Service4 Service and Appreciation5 Service6 Service and Appreciation8 Service and Appreciation9 Service and Appreciation10  Arch Series, 3/4" thick acrylic award with rosewood piano-finish base Black High Gloss Piano Finish Plaque with Gold Florentine Border Plate, 3 Sizes Black Piano Finish Plaque with Red Border Acrylic Plate, 3 Sizes Clear glass award with sapphire blue highlight and silver plated easel post, 3 Sizes Rosewood stained piano finish vertical wall clock Service Award, AcrylaStone-Indoor-Outdoor-Plaque-Black Service Award, American_Walnut_Clock Service Award, Art_glass_egg_with_blue_and_white_accents Service Award, Art_glass_globe_with_blue__white_and_metallic_gold_highlights Service Award, Cherry-Finish-Plaque-with-Scroll-Plaque-Mount-with-Black-Brass Service Award, Cherry-Finish-Wood-Plaque-with-Ruby-Marble-Brass Service Award, Cherry-Finish-Wood-with-Furniture-Finish-Perpetual-Plaque Service Award, Flame_Series__clear_acrylic_with_blue_accented_bevels Service Award, Genuine-Bamboo-Plaque-with-Laser-Dark Service Award, Premium_Series__acrylic_with_printed_blue_border Service Award, Rosewood-Piano-Finish-Notched-Corners-Plaque-with-Silver-Florentine-Leaf-Design-Plate Service Award, Rosewood-Piano-Finish-Plaque-with-Sapphire-Marble-Plate Service Award, Rosewood-Stained-Piano-Finish-Plaque-with-Florentine-Design-Border Service Award, Skeleton_clock__silver_movement_with_sub-second_dial Service Award, Solid-American-Walnut-Perpetual-Eliptical-Plaque-with-Large-Black-Brass-Plates Service Award, Solid-American-Walnut-Plaque-with-Heavy-Die-Cast-Mount Service Award, Solid-American-Walnut-Plaque-with-Notched-Elliptical-Edge-and-Black-Brass-Plate Service Award, Star_art_glass_award_on_clear_glass_base Service Award, SunRay-Series-Thick-Color-Marble Acrylic-on-Aluminum-Block-Red-Gold


Coach1 Coach2 Black Piano Finish Plaque with Colored Brass Plate, 4 Sizes Oak Finish Plaque with Black Leatherette Plate, 4 Sizes Oak Finish Plaque with Colored Brass Plate, 6 Sizes

Dedication and Donor

Dedication Award, Cherry-Finish-Wood-Plaque-with-Furniture-Finish-and-Gold-Florentine-Border-Plate Dedication Plaque, Outdoor-Cast-Plaque-Bronze-and-Brown-Aluminum-with-Stake Donor Plaque, Solid-American-Walnut-Perpetual-Eliptical-Large-Plaque-with-Large-Black-Brass-Plates

Effort and Excellence

Excellence1 Excellence2 Excellence3 Excellence4 Excellence 5 Effort Award, Black-High-Gloss-Piano-Finish-Plaque-with-Florentine-Plate Effort Award, Oak-Finish-Photo-Plaque-with-Black-Brass-Plate Excellence Award, American_walnut_vertical_wall_clock_with_round_face Excellence Award, Arrow_Series_Crystal_Award Excellence Award, Black_piano_finish_vertical_wall_clock Excellence Award, Clear_glass_with_blue_and_black_silk_screened_upright Excellence Award, Genuine-Cherry-Plaque-with-Dark-Brown-Leatherette-Plate Excellence Award, Silver-Aluminum-Picture-Frame-with-Black-Aluminum-Plate Excellence Award, Solid-American-Walnut-Plaque-with-Braided-Bordered-Black-Brass-Plate Excellence Award, Solid-Walnut-Plaque-with-Light-Brown-Leatherette-Plate_large

Excellence Award, Watercolor-Series-acrylic-plaque-with-printed-watercolor-pattern-border

Employee and Volunteer

Apex Series, 3/4" thick clear acrylic with red highlights and red base, 3 Sizes Arch Series, featuring blue mirror upright Full Leatherette Covered Plaque, 4 Sizes Full Leatherette Covered Plaque, 4 Sizes Full Leatherette Covered Plaque, 4 Sizes Jade Glass Award with 12 Aluminum Blocks Leatherette Arch Clock Premium Series Glass Award, 3 Size Rosewood stained piano finish arched table clock Rosewood High Gloss Perpetual Plaque with Acrylic Engraving Plates Solid American Walnut Perpetual Plaque with Black Brass Plates, 2 Sizes Stained Glass Series, 3/8" thick round acrylic with printed stained glass pattern border, 2 Sizes Tidal Series, 3/4" thick polished acrylic award on acrylic base, 3 Sizes Cherry Finish Wood Plaque with Colored Marble Brass Plate, 3 Sizes Leatherette Horizontal Desk Clock Oak Finish Plaque with Colored Brass Plate, 6 Sizes Solid American Walnut Perpetual Plaque with Black Brass Plates, 2 Sizes


Leadership1 Leadership and Appreciation2 Leadership and Appreciation3 Leadership4 Leadership and Appreciation5 Leadership6 Leadership7 Leadership8 Leadership9 Leadership Award, AcrylaStone-Indoor-Outdoor-Plaque-Grey-Large Leadership Award, Aurora-Series-Thick-Color-Marbled-Acrylic Leadership Award, Jade_Glass-Book Leadership Award, Rosewood-Piano-Finish-Notched-Corners-Plaque-with-Gold-Florentine-Leaf-Design-Plate Leadership Award, Solid-American-Walnut-Perpetual-Plaque-with-Center-Plate-and-Black-Brass-Plates Leadership Award, Solid-American-Walnut-Plaque-with-Cast-Plate-Mount Leadership Award, Walnut-Stained-Piano-Finish-Plaque-with-Florentine-Border-Plate

President and Board Member

President1 President2 President and Board Member3 President and Board Member4 Solid American Walnut Plaque with an Antique Bronze Gavel Casting Black Piano Finish Plaque with Florentine Design Borders, 4 Sizes Natural Alder Wood Plaque with Gold Florentine Bordered Sapphire Marble Plate, 3 Sizes American Walnut Frame with a Gold Electroplated Metal Gavel on Velour Octagon Series, 3/4" thick acrylic award on acrylic base, 3 Sizes Walnut Stained Piano Finish Plaque with Leaf Design Plate, 3 Sizes 


Quality Quality2 Solid American Walnut Plaque with Elliptical Edge and Black Brass Plate, 6 Sizes


Retirement1 Retirement2 Retirement3 Retirement4 Retirement5 Retirement Award, Genuine-Bamboo-Plaque-with-Black-Leatherette-Plate Retirement Award, Rosewood-Piano-Finish-Plaque-with-Gold-Sublimated-Aluminum-Plate 


Safety1 Safety Award, Blue_and_silver_desk_clock_with_world_time_clock_movement Safety Award, Droplet-Shaped_Art_Glass_Award


Black Piano Finish Plaque with Colored Brass Plate, 4 Sizes AcrylaStone Indoor/Outdoor Plaque with Optional Ground Stake, 6 Sizes Black and silver aluminum frame with black aluminum engraving plate, 2 Sizes Black High Gloss Piano Finish Plaque with Silver Florentine Border Plate, 3 Sizes Full Leatherette Covered Plaque, 4 Sizes Classic Series, 1" thick freestanding clear acrylic with blue highlights, 3 Sizes Crushed Ice Series, 3/4" thick acrylic award on acrylic base, 3 Sizes Flame Series, with red accented upright and base, 3 Sizes Hand-rubbed rich mahogany finish book clock Star Chrome Plated on Rosewood Piano Finish Award Star Goldtone Modern Casting Figure on a Solid American Walnut Base Star Trophy with Gold Metal Finish SunRay Series, 3/8" thick color marbled acrylic in aluminum block base, 2 Sizes SunRay Series, 3/8" thick color marbled acrylic in aluminum block base, 2 Sizes Tidal Series, 3/4" thick polished acrylic award on acrylic base, 3 Sizes

Special Occasion

Special Occasion1 Special Occasion2 Special Occasion3 Special Occasion4 Special Occasion5 Special Occasion6 Special Occasion7 Black Piano Finish Plaque with Colored Brass Plate, 4 Sizes Cherry Finish Plaque with Figure Standout, Plexiglass and Brass Plate