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In recognizing the commendable loyalty of an employee during his or her 10th year of service, the outstanding performance of a team member during a project, or the achievement of a department in meeting its goals, the text in the award must be appropriately written and engraved. The text must be clear, attractive, and accurate. Award text in Bloomington IL is professionally engraved by a company who has been trusted by organizations to produce quality award items.
Robert Trophies provides quality engraving for award text. We offer different award items, and we do our own engraving in our in-house facility. We have many rotary engravers to etch award text into metals and plastics. Our main engraving machine is a New Hermes IS400, which is great for brass plaques because it will show the many lines etched into making each letter in the text. Combine our engraving capabilities with our beautiful items and the result is a stunning award that is gladly received.

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Every organization wants their awards to be high quality. They want the recipients to feel appreciated with an appropriate award. To this end, Robert Trophies works with you to recognize the commitment and dedication of your people. We adhere to the standards of your organization in maintaining quality and excellence. We reward your staff for their efforts through quality award text wording in addition to the beautiful engraving performed in a high-quality material.
Award text is properly written by including the basic information on the award. You can start by thinking about the 5 W's of award wording: Who - who is being recognized (name and title)?; What - what is the name of the award?; Where - the name of the organization sponsoring the award (name or logo); When - period covered by the award (month, quarter, year or date of award); and Why - reason for the award. Other optional award text to include would be a simple message thanking the awardee for his efforts, such as "Thank you for your dedication..." or "In recognition of your services..."

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Roberts Trophies is the trusted company for awards and their text. In Bloomington IL, companies turn to us during their awards season to create inspiring award text for different achievements. Our experience of more than 50-years has allowed us to improve our engraving techniques, which have resulted in quality works. This family-owned and operated company knows how it feels like to be appreciated with a beautiful award. Trust Roberts Trophies today for quality awards.

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