Engraving in Bloomington, IL

Rotary Engraving in Bloomington, IL


Personalized Engraving of Plaques & Awards

Engraving in Bloomington, IL is what Roberts Trophies does best. This process serves a number of decorative and functional applications, and we are the right people to help you with your engraving needs, as we perform all engraving in-house. We take engraving
to the next level through our computerized designs that are generated only with the highest accuracy to the specification. These designs are then communicated to our newest, top-of-the-line laser cutters that cut the material to precision.


How it Works

At Roberts Trophies, we consider our engraving process an art, using technology as our tools. For more than 50 years, we have provided the city of Bloomington IL with quality engraving services for different applications. As a family-owned business, we value
craftsmanship and affordability. Therefore, whether you need engraving for a personalized gift, an award, or a nameplate for your desk or door, you can count on Roberts Trophies for a great job. We do stone engraving right.


Our Engraving Capabilities


In our shop are several rotary engravers used for etching into metal and plastics. Our main engraving machine is a New Hermes IS400. The process of standard rotary engraving is appropriate for brass plaques because it shows the many lines etched into making each letter. We also use this engraving technique for medallions. We believe that although rotary engraving takes longer, the look of engraved metal plates on trophies and the feel of an engraved medal are better than when a plastic plate is attached.


We use an Epilog Mini 18" x 12", 35-watt CO2 laser engraver. This equipment has a broad range of applications and materials that it can engrave such as wood, acrylic, anodized aluminum, painted brass, Corian, Delrin seals, glass, crystal, laserable plastic, leather, marble, mat board, stainless steel with TherMark or Cerdec coating, and rubber. Laser engraving is great for black and white versions of logos, and because we use CorelDraw Graphics Suite X7, the number of font choices and layouts are endless.


Quality Engraving Services


Any engraving project needs a professional touch, and Roberts Trophies can provide excellent work. Working with different materials for engraving requires experience and expertise, and we make sure that your engraving needs are met with only the highest standards of quality. Our computerized processes assure the highest accuracy to adhere to specifications. As a family-owned and operated company, we know the importance of a quality job. That is why we continue to improve our services by keeping up with the latest technologies and techniques in engraving.


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