Gallery of Engraving Projects

Stainless Steel

Ferrara Cermark

The example above uses a cermark coating that is then laser engraved to bond to the stainless steel surface.

Bottle openers

The example above also uses a cermark coating that is laser engraved. This process provides a lot of detail as you can see in the logos and fine fonts.

Ferrara Deep Etch

The example above shows the depth of deep rotary engraving on stainless steel. Although this process is more time consuming it can give a very durable product.

Ferrara Deep Etch & Fill

The example shows two lines of deep engraved stainless steel, but the second line is paint filled. 

Thick Brass

Deep Etch & Color Fill on Brass

The example above also shows deep engraving but on thick brass instead of stainless steel. The extra step of paint filling can give a nice glossy contrast.

All the stainless steel and thick brass materials are supplied and cut by G3 Machining


Items brought in for custom engraving

Wood logs

Birch Bark

Laser engraved wood

We do quite a bit of wood engraving on items brought in. We add a protective masking tape before it is laser engraved so that the resin burning doesn't discolor the nearby wood. Lighter woods tend to work better because you get a better contrast with the engraving. The two examples above show a good variation in wood type and thickness.

Mason Jars

Laser engraved glass

Although we can engrave on glass the surface needs to be relatively flat, not curved like wine glasses.

Shaped perpetual plates

Laser cut & engraved plastic

This example illustrates the dual ability of our laser engraver by cutting plastic into a custom shape as well as engraving the text. Many of our sheet stock is laser engravable so there are many color options for this process.