In-House Processes & Outsourced Products


Rotary Engraver

All engraving is done in-house. We own several rotary engravers for etching into metal and plastics. Our main engraving machine is a New Hermes IS400. Standard rotary engraving is great for brass plaques because it will show the many lines etched into making each letter. This process is also what we do for engraving medallions. We feel that although the process of rotary engraving does take a little longer the look of engraved metal plates on trophies and the feel of an engraved medal look better than attaching a plastic plate. Click here to see the fonts and designs available for rotary engraving.

Laser Engraver

We use an Epilog Mini 18" x 12", 35 watt CO2 laser engraver. It has a broad range of applications and materials it can engrave such as: wood, acrylic, anodized aluminum, painted brass, corian, delrin seals, glass, crystal, laserable plastic, leather, marble, mat board, stainless steel with thermark or cerdec coating, and rubber. Using the laser is great for black and white versions of logos and because we use CorelDraw Graphics Suite 2017 the number of font choices and layouts are endless. Click here to see award text examples using some of the fonts available for laser engraving.


Meghann using Heat Press
This process involves printing a transfer with special inks that are then hot pressed to penetrate under the surface of a coated material. This prevents the image from being easily scratched off the surface. We use this process most often for pressing layouts with color on aluminum plates but the number of substrates available for dye-sublimation has continued to expand year after year. Other materials and products that are used include: UniSub for name badges and bag tags; mousepads, coasters, and koosis; textiles like T-shirts and canvas bags; ceramic mugs and tree ornaments; cardboard puzzles; specially cut aluminum for ipad, ipod, and iphone covers; specially treated glass, acrylic and wood for awards; and tiles and thick aluminum ChromaLuxe for displaying photographs. For products see this easy-to-share Premier Custom Color flipbook or for an easy-to-search format see the Premier Custom Color website. We use CorelDraw 2017 for color sublimation layouts, which is great for importing a variety of different file types. In December 2015 we updated our printer to a Virtuoso GS400, use sawgrass HD inks, and have a George Knight 16" x 20" Swing Away heat press.



Custom RibbonsMany of the ribbons we carry are stock ribbons, but we can also get custom ribbons to personalize your order with text or images. The Tower Ribbons Catalog gives pricing information for custom and stock ribbons, as well as other specialty items such as tiaras and lapel pins. The normal turn-around time for a custom ribbon order is 2 weeks.


Cast Plaque ExampleCast Plaques are used mainly for outdoor use or for bust reliefs for mounting on plaques. They range in thickness and color and size. This type of material can be used for different functions such as address numbers or memorial markers. Grandview Aluminum Products Catalog gives material descriptions and pricing information. This company offers a great material alternative to full bronze plaques called "Hollybronze."