Local Delivery

Are you interested in having your order delivered instead of picking it up?

New for 2020 we are offering free local delivery for orders over $100.

You can choose this delivery option for orders less than $100 for a $10 fee. Both options are provided during online checkout, and can be added to orders place offline too. Be sure to specify your delivery location as the shipping address so it gets dropped off at the correct place.

In piloting this new service we will begin with Wednesday morning deliveries. We are also trying to restrict the service to locations within the Bloomington-Normal beltline. So between the I-74/I-55 Interstates and Veteran's Parkway. If those constraints are too restrictive please contact me and we can probably work something else out. 

I realize that my hours of operating weekday afternoons has sometimes been inconvenient for you over last three years. I very much appreciate and value your continued business and hope that this delivery service proves to be a convenient and flexible option.