Logo/Artwork Guidelines

File Sizes & Types

Please submit a version that is 150 - 400 DPI at 100% of image use size. The resolution of many logos pulled from the web are usually too low (72 DPI), and they may have restrictions on their use.

Preferred file types include .eps, .pdf, .cdr files but if you have a few versions just send what you have. Please try to send as its own file (do not have it embedded in a word doc). Roberts Trophies uses CorelDraw Graphics Suite 2019.

Color or Black & White

If lasering a logo (using colored brass or colored aluminum plates) the logo must be in a 1-bit black and white (no grayscale) image. Sublimating logos (on silver, gold or white aluminum) can be in color, grayscale or black.

Submitting Files

You may attach your logo file as a file upload when selecting your product or you can send an email attachment to info@robertstrophies.com.

Logo Touch-Ups

Cost for first time set-up of a logo is $20, if your total order is less than $50. If your order is over $50 then the logo set up is complimentary.

Additional fees may apply to artwork that does not meet above specifications. We can have images touched up for you and would let you know of any additional cost before we send it out. If your art needs this type of work you will be given the finished logo files for your future use.

Here is an example of that process:


Artwork After


Customer Liability

By submitting artwork the customer is assuming all liability for authorized use.