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When you need personalized gifts in Bloomington IL, you can count on Roberts Trophies to create beautiful gifts that will surely impress. Whether you need custom items for a party or giveaways for a conference, you can choose from among our different gift ideas and let us know about your requirements so that we can personalize the items according to your liking. The recipients of your gifts will surely cherish their personalized items because we make sure that our gifts are not only elegant but also functional.


Roberts Trophies has been in the business of producing wonderful gift items since the 1960s. This means that for more than half a century, we have brought joy to people who receive our products and satisfaction to those who give them. We are a family-owned and operated award and engraving business that has served Central Illinois by providing quality personalized gift items for every occasion. Get your personalized gifts in Bloomington IL from Roberts Trophies today.



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Personalized Clocks


At Roberts Trophies, we believe in tradition. That is why we personalize timepieces for different occasions. Personalized clocks engraved with dates of weddings or retirements make great gifts. They are timeless items that store memories of good times. Moreover, unlike other gifts that are just stored after they are received, these display pieces are not only beautiful but also functional, which means that recipients can set these beautiful clocks on their desks, shelves, or mantles.
For our clocks, we carry the top brand Airflyte, which features contemporary styling and high-quality materials. These clocks are appropriate for use in offices or homes. Our Airflyte desk clocks have quartz movements that are guaranteed for life. They come with an engraving plate for personalization, where we can engrave different information such as names, titles, and dates. Furthermore, all our Airflyte desk clocks are shipped with batteries and are packed in individual gift boxes.


Other Available Personalized Gifts

In addition to our clocks are desk sets, gavels, and name blocks, in which personalized messages or engraving can be added. Selecting a modern desk set or an elegant name block as a personalized gift can add personal style and function to an office or home setting. These personalized items can make great gifts for a recent promotion, graduation, or name change. Roberts Trophies is the name to trust for beautiful personalized gifts.



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Roberts Trophies is your reliable source of personalized gifts in the city. We are dedicated to bringing the highest quality of products and services so that we can build a good relationship, which is good for repeat business. For example, the prices in our inventory include the engraving performed at our store. In addition, we do not have any service charges or minimum order requirements for our clocks, desk sets, gavels, or name blocks.