Rotary Engraving Fonts & Designs


Here are our most commonly used fonts for rotary engraving.

The 5L or 2L refers to how many lines are used to make the letter, so the more lines the more filled in the letter will be. The 2L fonts are more of an outline font.

We generally use the Goudy 5L and Times 8L for plaque engraving. We tend to use Goudy 5L or Roman 3L for trophy plate engraving. For medals and medallions we use Helvetica 4L or Roman 3L. Many individual perpetual plaque plates are engraved with New Century 2L. Gift items look great with a Script font and the US Block 1L font is used more for engraving small plastic signs.


The designs below can be added to break up text in a plaque or a small gift item. See how they can be used in some plaque layout examples here.


Rotary Engraved Materials



All the medals we engrave are rotary engraved. Many styles are shown above.

Aluminum Plates

Gold Aluminum

Close up of Rotary Engraved Aluminum

Most of the trophy plates and some plaque plates are rotary engraved. The images above show gold aluminum rotary engraved for trophy and plaque plates.

Engravers Brass

Engraving Brass, Oxidized

Gold Engraving Brass not oxidized
The images above show gold engraving brass. This is the most common material used for engraving an individual plate. Most often this material is oxidized to turn the newly engraved scratch black, making a more striking contrast with the gold background. The close up image below shows how engraving brass looks before it is oxidized. This material is often used for plaques and larger trophies.

Brass Plated Steel

Rotary Engraved Brass Plated Steel

The example above shows a purple brass plate rotary engraved with text, a design element, and a box border. Brass plated steel sheet stock comes in many colors and engraves gold. This material is typically used for plaque plates.

Plastic Signs & Labels

Although many small plastic signs are laser engraved now, I still rotary engrave quite a few. The examples above are all rotary engraved.


Some gifts can only be rotary engraved. The above keepsakes are good examples of this process.
Keep in mind that if the item can be laser engraved or color sublimated we have 1,000s of other fonts and images that can be used. Click here to see laser engraving examples for awards.