Garden Plant Labels, Stock

$ 5.75

We have over 150 stock plant labels. Custom labels are not available at this time.

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Each label gives the plant's common name in large type, the scientific name, its place of origin and something unique about that plant. You are sure to learn something new and interesting from these plant tags! Sometimes that unique trait is a scientific fact, a wives' tale, or something historically significant. Nearly all tags include an illustration of the plant.

The tag is made from 1/8" thick UV stable acrylic, designed for outdoor use. So it can be used season after season. Its slate color background gives a sophisticated look for any garden, container garden or potted plant.

Just list the plants you need labels for in the box for plant names or upload a file with the list.

Overall size measures 2 1/8" tall x 3 1/8" wide.

Plant labels come in a brightly colored gift bag and stakes are tied with cloth ribbon. They make a beautiful gift. You can even add a custom engraved rock to permanently mark that special occasion.

Two sizes of stakes are available: The 7 ½" white epoxy coated stake is perfect for potted plants and the 18 inch stainless steel stake is ideal for yard gardens, deep pots and container gardens.